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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tsunami Helped Unearth this Temple?

If you take ECR stop at Tiger Cave a few miles short of Maahabs.

Off to your left will be a small boulder and an ancient structure surrounded by broken brickbats.

It was uncovered by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 26 Dec, '04

Some say it was a temple. An inscription on the boulder belongs to the Chola period, a thousand year old.
But the brick structure retains a lot of Pallava elements - probably half a millennium older. But the inside structure raised some doubts: The apse had an elevated platform at the rear leading to a few stepped chambers. There was no clear sign of any presence of an idol, or a Dagaba (Buddhist Model of Stupa).
The Tsunami that had uncovered the temple prompted a few archaeologists to study the sub soil of the beaches of Mahaabs. What they had found was a sign of a catastrophic tsunami around 1200 CE. Probably the one which had devastated the Carnatic coast and had reduced the cities like Puhar / Kaveripatnam; bringing to an end the mercantile empire of South East Asia.

History teaches.

But we refuse to be taught.

At this moment of great tragedy, in Honshu, I cannot but appreciate the efficient system and the civilian response to the calamitous event, there in Japan.
Kudos to their discipline.

I shudder when I think, of what would be our response to such disaster, god help if it ever occurs here.

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